A brief history in pictures
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Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia
first opened in 1990.

We expanded that space and eventually outgrew it, but had many happy years there.

While there, we had our first hand-to-hand black belts

and our first black belt in Hanbo-Jitsu.

We also hosted seminars from such notables as:

Michael DePasquale Sr. Shihan

and Antonio Pereira Shinan (1922-1999)

We moved to a larger space in 1997, where we continued to train.

In April 2011 we moved again, continuing with our third decade of training!

   We celebrated our 25th year in 2015, and in January 2016, we moved to an even better space.   

Continuing their visits with us over the years have been other direct students of DePasquale Sr. Shihan:

José Garrido Shihan

Nancy Pester Shihan (25 Nov 1955 - 11 Oct 2016)

and Billy Ristuccia (see pictures from the Hepi Ryu seminar)

We hope you enjoyed this brief trip through our history!

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