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    Dojo history

  • Tell me about the dojo.
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    Tell me about the dojo.

    A brief history in pictures.

    Ju-Jitsu Dojo of Columbia was founded in 1990 by Pat Raphael, and has been in continuous operation since that time, when it was chartered for life by Michael DePasquale, Sr. Shihan and the Federation of Practicing Ju-Jutsuans (now the International Federation of Practicing Ju-Jutsuans).

    The formal part of our curriculum is Yoshitsune Waza Ju-Jitsu. Most of our time is spent on training in practical self defense against real-world attacks of all kinds, both armed and unarmed, standing and on the ground. The self-defense part of the curriculum was initially developed by Raphael Sensei, and we have refined and added to it over the years.

    We offer both youth (ages 6-13) and adult (ages 14+) classes, with family discounts and unlimited training at reasonable rates. We encourage you to visit and observe or participate in a class, with no cost or obligation.

    Many black belts and martial artists from other systems study with us because we emphasize practical self defense rather than competition. You will also form lasting friendships while training with other highly-motivated, dedicated practitioners.